Slidertest postimage - website-screenshots of sliders

free wordpress sliders – a comparison

What could be more beautiful than a test for wordpress sliders? Exactly: nothing!

Customers demand a slider for their catchy images on a regular basis. WordPress doesn’t provide slideshows out of the box so we use a plugin. Of course it is supposed to be responsive and look splendid on every mobile-device and not wasting bandwidth.
But with images – it often get’s a bit more complicated. They can get pretty heavy and large and should not be squeezed via your cellular network. That’s why I test today.

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Bildschirmfoto der Webseite und Bild mit mobiler Ansicht auf iPhone is online!

And again there launches another web-project.
On you can find your dream-house in Andalucia. Like always this project uses wordpress as a CMS with a genesis-child-theme Agentpress Pro. My customer wanted to do as much as she could herself and mabaart was only repsonible for technical implementation in the background. Especially the widget-areas of wordpress creates almost always some questions. With Agentpress Pro theme almost the whole front-page is created through widgets.

I wish good luck!