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How much is a typical webproject?

A typical webproject goes around 1000 – 2000€. My hourly rates are 59€ + 19% MwSt. Costs are very much depending on your demands for extras.
In the end you will have to decide, how much you want to spend on your professional look of your business. Good webdesign is not availlable for free. Often one can’t tell which websites are well coded and which are bad.
Basically everyone in our days claims to be mobile-ready with HTML5 and CSS3. Of course every device should be served perfectly.
A good rule of thumb is 150€ per screen.

Because I use wordpress as a base it is up to you, how many pages you want to put online.
If your budget is below 750€, you should consider spending it in a professional logo and your corporate identity and use a provider with a template, that suits your needs best.

A typical offer contains:

  • creation of a wordpress-them for desktop and mobile using HTML 5 and CCS3
  • 2 design-drafts of your theme
  • installation and configuration of your domain
  • creating your email-adresses
  • configuring automated backups
  • hardening your site against hackers
  • configuring your contact-form

Take a look at website-basic and get to know wordpress!

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