Bild von fertiger UX-Analyse einer Webseite

Usability Analysis

Do you feel, your website is not achieving it’s goal?
Are there to few visitors on your page?
Are you in doubt, that you hit the right tone, when it comes to user-engagement?

You have come to the right place! I will analyse your website and give you concrete advice. You can decide then, which points are the urgent ones or which are solvable within your budget.

The analysis contains the following criteria:

  • Homepage
  • Navigation & Linksetup
  • Windowtitle and URL-Structure
  • Search
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Tools, Maintasks and Widgets
  • Miscellaneous Usabilitypoints

My analysis is based on concrete outcommings of several usabilitystudies from several scientists and helps you to refine your webpresence and optimize the use of your budget.

Get your analysis now!